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Fancy scrubs, toothbrushes and even tea bags: In the quest to nix winter lip flakes, most of us have tried just about everything. But there’s one genius fix that you haven’t heard of--and it doesn’t cost a thing.

What you need: A piece of Scotch tape. (Surely, you have a roll on your desk?)

What you do: Wrap a piece of tape around your index finger, sticky side out, to create a circle. Press the sticky side against your lips to pick up flakes. Repeat until smooth.

Why it works: The adhesive gently lifts flakes without abrading the thin skin of your lips. It’s brilliant in a dry-lip emergency and much less aggressive than a scrub or (worse) picking with your fingers, which can cause tearing.

Bonus pro tip: Top off your newly smooth lips with a hydrating oil (it penetrates better than a standard stick or balm) and let it absorb for a few minutes before applying any color on top.

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