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Nails break and split and tear all the time. We get that. But the most heartbreaking part is having uneven lengths on your gorgeous new manicure. Luckily, we found a way to repair your nail without trimming it down. Here’s how to fix a broken nail.

What you need: Base coat, a dry paper tea bag, small scissors, a superfine file, color polish and topcoat.

Step 1: Cut the top off the tea bag and empty its contents. Then cut a small rectangular section out of the paper to fit the exact width and length of your nail tear. (Some people, like the image above, cover the whole nail, but we prefer smaller patches.)

Step 2: Apply base coat over the entire nail. While it's still wet, place the patch over the tear and lightly press down to secure it in place. Seal it in with one more layer of base coat (the tea bag should look transparent now). Allow it to dry completely before taking your file and gently removing any excess paper so that it’s flush with the nail.

Step 3: Paint two coats of color polish over the patch job and finish up with a swipe of topcoat.

Why it works: Tea bags are very thin and porous but also durable, which makes them perfect for fixing a broken nail. Think of it like joint tape and spackle you’d use on a hole in your wall. It keeps everything secretly in place while you grow out that boo-boo.

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