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Let’s say you were up all night making to-do lists/panicking about that email your boss accidentally saw/re-visiting The Notebook for the 43rd time. It’s now 7 a.m., you’re exhausted and it shows.

Good news: There's a cheap and easy solution. It requires a bit of planning, but now that you know, you can prepare tonight and be ready for future dark-circle situations.

What you need: Two green tea bags and an empty ice cube tray.

What you do in advance: Brew a super-strong cup of green tea and pour it into the tray. Then into the freezer it goes.

What you do the morning of: After you’ve washed your face, pop out one of the “eyes cubes” (get it?) and gently massage directly onto your puffy under-eye area. Rub in small circles until melted.

Why it works: Green tea is chock-full of antioxidants and caffeine, both proven to soothe and reduce swelling. It works even better in frozen form around tired peepers, because chilly temps restrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness.

Pro tip: Double down your green tea efforts to reap all the benefits: While you’re massaging your eyes, brew a separate cup to sip and get ready to take on the day.

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