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Heres The Deal With Breast Milk Facials

Breast milk is liquid gold to new moms and their nutrient-hungry infants. But did you know it’s also nectar from the beauty gods that could help you clear up adult acne and calm down your eczema? With this crazy beauty trend hitting spa menus around the country, we figured the time had come to give you the lowdown.

Wait, what is it? About an ounce of fresh breast milk is mixed with white clay, soothing lavender and healing vitamin E, and applied by an aesthetician during an otherwise “normal” facial.

Where does the milk come from? The Chicago spa we checked in with reports buying it from a healthy, clean-living nursing mother in nearby Wisconsin.

How much does it cost? Expect to pay about $10 extra on top of the price of your regular facial. (Read: a steal!)

Does it feel gross? Not a bit. The mask is pure white and creamy, not runny. You can’t smell a thing and, honestly, you’d never even know it contained breast milk if somebody hadn’t told you.

Why does it work? Human milk is packed with antibodies that protect babies from illnesses, infections and even asthma symptoms. Those antibodies--as well as the lauric acid the milk contains--can help gently exfoliate and soothe irritated skin as well as fight breakout-causing bacteria.

How can I try it? If breast-milk facials haven’t arrived in your city yet, you can beg a nursing mom for the good stuff a la Kim Kardashian and troll the Internet for DIY skin-care recipes. But really, it’s as easy as dabbing a bit right where you need it.


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