Heal Your Nails with IBX
You too can have nails like this.

We polish. We pick. We bite. We’re all guilty of treating our nails poorly.

Luckily, the IBX Nail System is here to mend our manicure-related woes, by targeting imperfections and strengthening nails at their core.

We recently tried it out for ourselves. Here’s the gist:

It’s topical (but not really). The IBX formula is painted on your nails like polish and then cured under an LED or UV light--just like gel. When the process is complete, you’ll feel like you have bare nails. However, the formula seeps deep into your nail bed to continue strengthening long after the initial application.

It’s applied in tandem with your manicure. IBX always goes on before polish. It's designed to help you cumulatively build back strength, so they recommend repeating the treatment every two to three weeks until you see results. (Generally, the first application is $10 to $15 and the second is $8 to $10.)

It’s great for fixing ridges, too. For those who not only suffer from dry, brittle nails but have grooves from previous or present illness, IBX can help with all of that.

It’s offered worldwide. While IBX can only be applied only by a professional (meaning, at a salon), it is offered at numerous locations worldwide--800+ of which are in the U.S. Should you be in the New York City area, you can get the treatment at Paintbox in Soho (plus a totally baller gel mani).

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