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Hair Sewing Is a Thing
Don't move.

You know that July wedding on your calendar? The one where you’d like to look somewhat polished on the meltiest day of the year?

Step one: Wear your hair up.

Hair sewing--a service offered at River North’s Michael & Michael salon--is the latest way to channel your inner Jane Austen heroine with a soft, romantic, off-the-neck look.

Salon co-owner Michael Jacobson learned the technique from New York hair icon Vivienne Mackinder, and it’s done using your real hair, large needles (similar to knitting needles) and thin, rubberized string.

Your hair should be at least shoulder length. The hour-and-a-half process starts with a wash and dry, and then there’s some curling-iron action before the needles appear.

Jacobson or one of his stylists will then sew your hair into a pretty cloud of undone-looking ripples. You can add jewels or flowers if you want, and when you’re ready to take it down, all you have to do is snip the string somewhere and pull. (Sewn updos look best day-of and might make it to day two if you sleep very carefully.)

Hello, Harlequin cover girl.

Hair sewing starts at $125 at Michael & Michael, 365 W. Chicago Ave.; 312-951-0779 or

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