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Get a Blowout Every...Single...Day
Even Karlie requires a little extra oomph.

Weddings. Interviews. That party you know your ex will be at. Certain life events require a good blowout.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get one, like, every Tuesday, just for the hell of it?

Now you can with BeautyPass.

Very similar to what ClassPass does for fitness studios, this is a monthly subscription ($99) that lets you book as many blowouts as you’d like at participating salons (currently about 40 in Manhattan, including biggies like Valery Joseph and Paul Labrecque). 

A slick online-booking portal is in the works, but in the meantime, here’s what you do: Whenever you need a little hair help, go to the site, type in your current zip code and desired appointment time (even as soon as 15 minutes from then). A BeautyPass concierge will find the closest salon with availability, set you up and text you the details.

Considering Drybar’s comparable membership is $75 for two blowouts and DreamDry’s is $115 for three, this is a steal, folks. And for keeping your nails chip-free, watch out for a $49 manicure subscription to roll out next.

Because everyone deserves to look “about to see the ex at a party” good.

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