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Fact: You take a mean selfie. (Haven’t we all become decent little phone photographers these days?) But there’s a new type of portrait we guarantee no one else on Insta will have.

And that’s of your aura.

Meet Christina Lonsdale of Radiant Human, a Portland-based photographer who shoots that very thing (and will be swinging through Brooklyn this weekend).

So…what the hell is aura photography? Let’s find out.

radiant human 5

What is aura photography?

It’s a little bit science and a little bit new-age mysticism. Every person emits a unique electromagnetic field with a specific vibrational frequency. Lonsdale uses a special camera that detects those frequencies and applies them to corresponding colors. The result is a Polaroid picture with your face surrounded by a rainbowlike cloud that’s entirely unique to your “energy.”

radiant human 4

What do you do?

Just step in a pop-up tent and sit still for ten seconds. Lonsdale will snap two photos of you, print the outcomes and give you a reading based on the colors.


radiant human 3

What do the colors mean?

Lonsdale uses guidebooks and years of research to read your particular aura. For instance, yellow denotes relaxed optimism, while purple indicates a playful spirit. It’s kind of like a less-intense psychic reading--the mood ring of 2015, if you will.

radiant human 2

What if you don't believe in that stuff?

Um, the pics are still pretty damn cool on their own.

radiant human 1

Where do you get one?

Lonsdale is making a few planned stops on this East Coast trip. On Friday, June 5, and Saturday, June 6, she’ll be at the Lite Bright Neon Studio in Gowanus, and on Sunday, June 7, you can find her at the Jill Lindsey boutique and café in Fort Greene. Walk-ins are welcome, and a portrait session with reading costs $25.

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