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So you’re looking forward to just zoning out and, say, watching the last six episodes of Jessica Jones. Only, you’re already dreading Netflix remorse: When the clock reads 2 a.m. and you’ve got nothing to show for yourself but an empty bottle of wine and under-eye circles.

Fear not! We’ve got a list of easy beauty treatments you can do solo, from massaging your back to applying a foot peel. There’s even a way to rid yourself of under-eye circles, so you can binge-watch to your iPad battery's content.

Foreo Luna

Get Rid of Wrinkles
Go high-tech and hold this Swedish silicone brush to your brow creases and laugh lines while its ultrasonic vibrations in effect exercise your facial muscles. Or go low-tech and sport a sheet mask to plump up skin.

Foreo Luna brush ($199); Whamisa sheet mask ($9 each)

Brighten Under-Eye Circles
Pat treatment-laden paper semicircles under your eyes and lean back--the retinol and hyaluronic acid act like scrubbing bubbles to penetrate your skin, brightening and tightening.

Shiseido eye mask ($63 for 12 treatments)

Hyperice Vyper

Massage Aching Muscles
Imagine a foam roller, but souped up with a rechargeable battery that vibrates at three speeds. It’s quiet, intense and helps everything from throbbing feet to an aching back.

Hyperice Vyper ($199)

Soften Your Feet
Want baby-smooth skin on your feet without all that tickley buffing? Slip into these medicated socks for an hour to let the herbal exfoliants sink in, and four days later, dead skin and callouses will slough off with absolutely no effort.

Baby Feet ($18)

Moisturize Your Skin
A spritz of rose essence distilled from water taken from a Hawaiian waterfall is both relaxing and skin-softening.

Lake & Skye ($48)

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