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Would You Watch a Dermatologist Pop Pimples?

We all have our guilty pleasures: a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate, a few hours of watching Internet pimple-popping videos--that’s right, it’s the virtual craze that’s taking over. Whether it’s the gross factor, the surprise or the satisfaction of an extraction, millions of views later, it seems like people just can’t look away.

That’s why Dr. Sandra Lee has gained such a huge following: She posts videos of dermatological extractions on her wildly popular YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Known by her fans as Dr. Pimple Popper, the California-based dermatologist told The Huffington Post about the polarizing nature of her videos: "I think that people have a strong reaction to pimple popping--whether they are grossed out by it or they are enchanted by it.”

And since insurance doesn’t usually pay for non-life-threatening removals, Lee says her videos are a win for her patients, whose extractions she does for free if they allow her to video their procedures for her social platforms.

There really is something for everyone on the Internet.

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