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De-Clump Old Mascara with This Easy Trick

We all know we’re supposed to replace our mascara tubes every three to four months, but let’s face it: Most of the time the liquid dries out long before it’s time to toss. And that’s when we’re left to battle with clumpy, gross black gunk—and the dreaded tarantula eyes.

Here’s a helpful trick that’ll de-clump your mascara, and extend the life of your tube.

Step 1. Grab your eye drops (any brand will do).

Step 2. Add a few drops directly into the mascara.

Step 3. Replace the wand, and swirl it around inside. (Just be sure not to pump it up and down, which is what dried the sucker out in the first place.)

Step 4. Enjoy clump-free, smooth-as-butter mascara application.

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