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On the daily skincare front, we like to consider ourselves relatively low-maintenance: cleanser and SPF in the morning, cold cream at night, done.

But the second we stumble upon a new crow’s foot (noooooooo), we book it to the nearest spa, drop $200 on a ridiculous oatmeal-and-bird-poop facial but then come out with 27 zits.

Do that a handful of times, and you’ve spent a grand. How to save in the long run: Invest in an at-home facial device that helps prevent fine lines (but won’t clog your pores). Let’s take a closer look.


What It Is

Called the ZIIP, this little handheld device sends waves of electricity through your face, essentially giving your skin a workout. You may have heard of micro-current devices, but the ZIIP uses more potent “nano-currents,” like in the kinds of facials celebrities get.

Frazer Harrison/Getty

How Nano-Currents Work

Previously only available to the über wealthy (like known devotee Jennifer Aniston), nano-current facials use little prods to send electrical currents into your skin. The waves essentially kick your tissue in its butt and cause your natural collagen to tighten (filling in fine lines) and your cells to regenerate (growing healthy new tissue).

When It Makes a Difference

Obviously none of these show results after just one treatment. Nano-currents work best when doled out regularly. So, if you’re shelling out for expensive treatments already, that’s when (we think) it makes sense to invest in a personal device once and do it yourself.


How to Work the ZIIP

You use a corresponding app to select your treatment of choice (from general neck rejuvenation to spot-treating a pimple) and hit “sync.” The ZIIP will know the exact amount and type of currents to send, based on the need. Then, watch a video to follow along as founder Melanie Simon (a longtime nano-current aesthetician) walks you through the process. Best of all: The app and videos will regularly update with free new programs so you can keep all your crazy facial maintenance to yourself--without dropping another dime.

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