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Two Weird Ingredients in This Shampoo Totally Changed Our Hair Game

Beauty ingredients have come a long way. You can put meteorite dust on your face and donkey milk under your arms. And now: There?s a shampoo-and-conditioner set that marries beer and coffee.

Sounds like something only your DJ/mixologist cousin in Brooklyn would be into? We thought so, too--until we tried Bröö for ourselves.

Bröö?s Craft & Caff hair-care line combines the supposed shine-enhancing properties of malted hops (we?ve all poured a can of Coors Light onto our heads at some time in our lives, right?) and tops it off with caffeine to stimulate the scalp.

Because our winter tresses were looking a little limp and sad, we gave the ?Thickening? shampoo and conditioner a test run. After just one wash, the barley protein did just what it promised: It gave our locks a voluminous pop.

And while the beer-and-coffee combo seemed like it would smell straight-up funky, it miraculously doesn?t (thanks to additional ingredients like peppermint, lavender and grapefruit).

Bottom line: Bröö is color-safe and sulfate-free. It lathers up beautifully and it left our locks feeling soft and glossy. Cheers to hipster innovation!

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