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Winter whites: better with a tan.

Let’s cut to the chase: Spray tans scare us.

Shelling out $100 to place your face at the mercy of a nondescript salon on 34th Street? No, thanks.

But we recently heard about a less-aggressive, at-home version from PRIV, the on-demand beauty app.

(Because despite our neuroses, we’re still dying to try one.)

Here’s what happens: You download the app, request a spray-tan specialist (who can be to you in an hour) and hop into the shower to exfoliate.

Once the specialist arrives, she’ll chat with you about a desired color level and any areas to highlight. For instance, if all you want is a slight glow (like you just spent a weekend in Miami), she can customize the tan to that tone. They’re trained to keep you from getting anywhere near John Boehner level.

Then you get into your skivvies (or birthday suit) and step into a small pop-up tent. The specialist air-brushes you with a paraben-free mist and you’re done. The whole thing from setup to breakdown takes only 15 minutes and costs $50, tax and tip included.

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