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Breast-Milk Facials Are Now a Thing
Nope. Not that kind of jugs.

Human breast milk from a stranger, on your face? Sounds gross. Or at the very least, gimmicky.

But hey, we reasoned: We’re progressive. Plus, the number one tip for clearing up baby acne is to dab on a little “liquid gold,” as new mothers call it.

At River North’s Mud Facial Bar, we ordered the “Breathe” facial ($40) with a breast-milk add-on ($10) and lay back in the aesthetician’s chair with an open mind.

Most of the facial was de rigueur: steam, cleanse, exfoliate, tone.

Then came a creamy white mask, which we were told is a mixture of an ounce of milk from the freezer of a healthy, all-organic nursing mother in Wisconsin, plus a bit of white clay, soothing lavender and vitamin E for treating scars and acne.

It smelled like flowers, and, honestly, the ick factor was nil. (Think of the nutrients!)

By the end, our skin was soft and dewy--and if anyone asks how it got that way, boy do we have a story to tell.

Mud Facial Bar, 676 N. LaSalle St.; 312-288-9614 or

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