Uh-Oh, We're All Putting on Eye Cream at the Wrong Time

Hello, sunshine. Constantly waking up to puffy eyes? Your nightly eye-cream routine could be to blame. (We know…ugh.)

But there’s no need to toss it out. Just stop applying it at night--and start dabbing it on in the morning instead.

Yep. Between the constant tossing and turning--and subconscious rubbing--your creams are more likely to migrate into your eyes while you’re asleep. This can cause irritation, which makes your peepers tear up and all of the excess liquid pool under your eyes.

Besides, your eyes need the most moisturizing help when you wake up. Look for something with a cooling applicator and peptides in the formula (like this one from Clinique) to help reduce puffiness immediately and firm skin over time. Just give it a couple minutes to fully absorb before putting on any makeup on top.

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