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Let’s be honest, your beauty products are everywhere--on the sink, in five different purses and rolling around the backseat of your car. We’re not here to tell you how to organize them or how to make them look pretty. (We already did that.) We’re here with a friendly PSA on the places to avoid storing your makeup so it doesn’t melt or mold.

windowsill list

On The Windowsill

That extra sunlight is doing no favors for your cosmetics--nor is the drafty air that inevitably seeps in through the cracks. The constant flux in temps causes emulsions like lotions and creams to separate over time. Put your beloved (and expensive) products in a more temperate spot, like a bedroom shelf or drawer instead.

bathroom list

In The Bathroom

We know: what?! It turns out our medicine cabinets, though convenient to access, are the worst places to stash beauty products. The steam from the shower generates mold and bacteria (um, gross) over time. Move any non-shower essentials (like serums, perfumes and foundations) out to a drier spot--like those aforementioned bedroom shelves or drawers--immediately.

radiator list1

By The Radiator

Same principle as the bathroom: Your creams and perfumes can’t stand the heat. It breaks down any active ingredients and oils, which make them less effective. So get to moving that La Mer and Chanel No. 5.

fridge list

In the Fridge

Are you one of those ladies who stores her eyeliner in the fridge to preserve its shelf life? Maybe reconsider. It does depend on the type of product (we?re not saying all are bad). But most day-to-day cosmetics are actually meant to be stored at room temperature. Anything chillier can alter the chemical formula, causing separation or thickening. The exceptions: your face mist and your natural products (they often lack the preservatives that your conventional products have). Like a good white wine, those are best served chilled.

car list1

In The Car

Ever accidentally leave your lipstick in the car and come back to find it in a puddle on your passenger seat? Enough said.

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