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You’ve got a lot of tricks up your sleeve (like how Magic Erasers can be used for everything). But when it comes to beauty routines, it’s easy to get set in your ways. Let's shake things up, shall we? Step up your gorgeous-ifying game with these 32 tips.


1. You can instantly lengthen your lashes just by using a hair dryer.

2. Applying mascara to your bottom lashes is a pain. Have you ever thought of trying a spoon?

3. But then what do you do when you poke yourself in the eye? We have some thoughts on remedying with Q-tips and moisturizer.

4. For eyelash extensions: Protect them in the shower with goggles.

5. Save money and remove makeup with cold cream.

6. “Bake” your concealer so it stays put all day.

7. And when you finally get around to cleaning your makeup brushes, bust out the olive oil.


8. Don’t throw away the empty lotion bottle before getting every last drop.

9. Soaking your mascara tube in warm water makes it easier to use.

10. And you can fix a broken powder compact with rubbing alcohol.


11. Applying makeup after a blowout? Make sure you clip your hair back and avoid creases with a playing card (à la Chrissy Teigen).

12. You should also be washing your hairbrush to maintain said blowout.

13. And cleaning your straightener and curling iron with cotton balls and rubbing alcohol.

14. Vaseline + perfume = a winning combo for long-lasting fragrance.

15. What do you do if you sprayed on too much? Reach for the rubbing alcohol, baby wipes or lotion.

16. Substitute hand sanitizer for deodorant if you forget to apply.


17. If your hair is a static mess, puncture a dryer sheet over your brush.

18. Did you know you should actually condition your hair before shampooing? Now you know.

19. Skip the expensive teeth-whitening gels and opt for a banana peel instead.

20. Shave your knee the right way by first stretching the skin taut.

21. And extend the life of your razor by blow-drying it.

22. Use a plain white T-shirt to dry hair the frizz-free way. 

23. Use a towel, though, to exfoliate your lips.

24. What about straight-up chapped lips? Grab a tea bag.

25. Those can also be used to de-puff tired eyes.

26. Make your lip color last all day by setting it with powder.

27. Also, avoid dreaded lipstick stains by licking your wine glasses first.

28. To cheat the perfect nude lip, you need to start with concealer.

29. Then use baby oil and a toothbrush to get it all off.

30. For polish-free cuticles, use something called “nail painter’s tape.”

31. Stubborn nail stains can be removed with warm water and lemons.

32. And you can cut your nail-drying time in half by dousing your fingers in cold water

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