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Beauty Chat Offers Real-Time Tutorials
Must. Copy. Updo.
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We’ve all Googled “how to do a smoky eye,” but no matter how many YouTube videos we watch, we still can’t figure out how to “sheer out” our eye shadow just so.

It’s time to forget about YouTube. HiLovely’s new service Beauty Chat hooks ladies up with trained makeup artists and hairstylists (we’re talking folks who have worked in the TV, film and fashion industries and have celebrity clientele) via one-on-one video-conference tutorials. It feels like Skyping with your best friend, except you’re getting real-time tips from experts.

Choose from topics such as eyes, brows and lashes, skin and DIY updos. For only $30, you’ll get a 30-minute session with live step-by-step instructions. Your "beauty master" guides you by, say, drawing a cat eye on herself while you follow along and do the same on your eyelid. You'll repeat this process until you've both achieved the look.

After you book and pay online or via their iPhone app, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a username, password and link to your video session, plus a list of tools you should have handy. Then, when the time comes, launch your Beauty Chat and prepare to get schooled.

Quality one-on-one time has never looked so good.

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