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Anthony Cristiano
Natural beauty (with a boost).

Model Hannah Davis brought a whole new level of itsy-bitsy to bikini-wearing on this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit-issue cover.

And while the world was debating the exposure of her “torso,” we were wondering how she got that perfectly mussed hair.

Turns out Chicago-based stylist Anthony Cristiano--owner of the swank Trump Tower salon--was the man behind Davis’s sultry tresses. Here’s how he did it, with a pro secret weapon you can now use at home.

Start by drying your locks without any product to keep the outer layer of the hair (or cuticle) rough. Then work in a bit of volume-amplifying product at the roots.

Use a curling iron with a 1.5-inch barrel to twist your hair into waves. Aim for imperfection--in other words, the curls don’t all need to face the same direction or be the same width.

Now slip in your Balmain Hair Dress. It's a row of real human hair that slips on near the crown of your head, and it can be customized to your head shape and hair color at Cristiano’s salon for $450. The Hair Dress makes your hair look fuller and silkier, and will last for forever with proper care. (What, you didn’t hear that extensions are back?)

Finally, mist all over with texturizing spray and use your fingers to work the product through and blend the “extra” hair with your own. Shake your head, and step fabulously into the sun.

Anthony Cristiano, 401 N. Wabash Ave., mezzanine level; 312-268-2440 or

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