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Los Angeles, we love you, but you are deceptively harsh on our skin. So we’ve parsed out all the stealth stresses on our complexion that are secretly making our skin look less fab. And don’t worry, we also have all the surprisingly easy fixes. Long story short--there’s no need for plastic surgery (unless we want to, of course).

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Air Pollution

The Problem: You’re thinking, doesn’t that breeze feel nice! Psych--Actually, airborne dirt, pollen and chemicals are coating your hair and face pretty much all the time except when you’re standing at the water’s edge. Which is much less often than you’re on the freeway.

The Fix: Apply a botanical oil before stepping outside. Try Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex. It acts as a barrier, gives you a glowy finish and has all kinds of extra benefits like arnica for de-puffing. And mmmm, its roller ball applicator feels like a mini-massage.

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All Nighters

The Problem: You have an amazing idea for a pilot, but first you have to write it. And maybe first you have to watch all of Kimmy Schmidt. Yeah… waking up face down on your MacBook isn’t doing your complexion any favors.

The Fix: Take off your makeup before you start to execute any of your late-night genius idea. And to overcompensate for the nights you don’t cleanse properly, use Eve Lom Rescue Mask, which has camphor and clay to calm and decongest pores.

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The Problem: Our flat blue lovely skies might be pretty but they are trying to kill you with their unceasing radiation. And even if you think you’re getting enough sunscreen in your foundation, ask yourself does just a morning application of lightweight SPF 15 sound like enough

The Fix: Apply a broad-spectrum formula under your makeup, like Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen. Its SPF 50 chemical formula doesn’t leave a whitish film, which is good for darker complexions.

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Seamless Orders

The Problem: You’re more often tapping your iPad for a meal than whipping up something from one of spring’s best new cookbooks. No judgment. Only, all that takeout food is packed with sodium that makes you look at feel puffy and bloated.

The Fix: Swap out one of your daily meals with a green juice, and you’ll get more vitamins as well as eliminate the salt in that pho broth.

That Bottomless Glass of Wine

The Problem: There’s nothing much better than chilling on the deck with a glass (or bottle) of wine. But it’s so, so dehydrating--which can create those yucky dull patches around your eyes and mouth.

The Fix: Why not balance out those tannins by hydrating hardcore? You could even try drinking a gallon of water a day.

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Your Fitness Addiction

The Problem: You love your spin class, your quads love your spin class, but your skin isn’t liking your spin class. Those buckets of sweat are clogging your pores and leaving your skin dull and dry.

The Fix: Slough as if your life--or at least your healthy glow--depends on it. A couple times a week, mix a gentle natural exfoliates like Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder (much better for the environment than those polluting plastic beads) with water and suds away dead skin.

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