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This hot-and-cold weather is messing with our skin. But it’s our lips that bear the brunt of it--they’re chapped, faded and more than a little shriveled thanks to overheated homes. 

But thanks to a handful of new products, we can rejuvenate our lips ourselves rather than running off to the dermatologist for a pricey peel or injection. Whatever your lip problem, we’ve got the solution.

Lips 618x445

Dry Lips

Your lips look--and feel--thirsty, thirsty, parched. What they really need is the cosmetic equivalent of a drink of water that’s also gonna make then look pretty right away. Solution--swap out your usual lipstick for a lip stain that is actually a conditioner. You can wear the hue alone for a more sheer look or layer the hell out of it for a bombshell vibe.

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner ($26)

Milk 618x782

Chapped Lips

Don’t make the problem worse by irritating your delicate lips with soap or leaving layers of old lipstick on (and anyway, ewwww). Cleanse nightly with micellar water, a non-detergent formula that’s all the rage in France. Its fatty molecules suspended in water basically lift off makeup and dirt. (Sensitive skin loves this stuff.)

Micellar Water Makeup Remover Wipes ($14)

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Peeling Lips

Your lips could use a spa treatment of their own. Try exfoliating with sugar granules in a grape-seed-oil-based scrub. After you wipe it off, your lips will be soft, plump and totally smooth.

Happ Lip Slip ($24)

Guerlain 618x445

Fading Lipstick

The rest of your face wears foundation, why not put some on your lips? Presenting the foundation for your lipstick. Translucent lip primer keeps color truer and longer lasting--and it stops the edges from feathering away even without lip liner.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Lift ($37)

Clarins 618x455

Shriveled Lips

Cheat a fuller pout while nourishing skin with lip oil. It basically looks like gloss but isn’t sticky and nourishes while it’s shining up a storm. Thanks to mirabelle plum, jojoba and hazelnut oils, you're getting a sheer tint and actually making your lips plumper. Win-win. 

Clarins Instant Light Lift Comfort Oil ($25)

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