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There are few things we love in life more than a pretty nail polish. But every once in a while, it’s nice to take a bit of a breather and go au naturel. But, ew, those rich reds can leave behind one heck of a stain, no matter how much remover you use. Here, an easy way to get rid of any residue.

What you need: One lemon and a bowl filled with warm water

What you do: Squeeze some lemon juice into the bowl of water and give it a swirl. Next, soak your hands one at a time. (About five minutes a pop should do the trick.)

If you’re short on time, there’s another way: Take the rind of the lemon and rub it right onto your nails to expedite the process. (Careful around any cuticle cuts.)

How it works: The acidity won’t straight-up remove nail polish, but it does cut through superficial stains and returns nails to their natural, bright color.

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