So you forgot to put on deodorant. NBD, you can use hand sanitizer instead.

But more than just not smelling bad, you’d also, ya know, like to smell good. We’ve got a super-easy trick for that, too--guaranteed to keep your perfume in check from the moment you breeze into the office all the way through happy-hour drinks. Check it out:

What you need: Your favorite perfume and fragrance-free Vaseline

What you do: Take the Vaseline and massage a tiny amount into the pulse points on your wrists and neck (pretty much anywhere you typically spritz your signature scent). Then spritz said scent onto said Vaseline-coated spots.

Why it’s brilliant: Just like makeup, perfume needs a primer to help it stick to your skin. Vaseline just so happens to be ultra-rich and hydrating--a winning combo that holds the scent in place. (Perfumes barely stand a chance on dry skin.)


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