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When you really think about it, makeup is kind of gross. How many times did you just dip your finger into that concealer pot? OK, maybe don’t think about that. Instead, take a look at the new company Stowaway.

Creators of entirely miniature beauty products said to be just the right amount to use before they go bad, Stowaway is not only convenient, it’s also a lot more sanitary. Check out our guide for the products to stock up on.

stowaway beauty balm

BB Cream: Replace After 6 Months

Most beauty balms have an expiration date on them, but six to eight months is recommended. Experts say any water-based product can breed bacteria, especially in wet and warm environments (ahem, your bathroom counter). Stowaway’s beauty balm comes in a 25 ml tube and in four colors and works just as well as any other cream we’ve tried.

Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm ($22)

stowaway concealer

Concealer: Replace After 1 Year

This stuff is supposed to mask blemishes, not cause them. Do your face a favor and throw it out after one year. And it’s definitely time if you notice a change in color. Stowaway’s concealer is a miraculous consistency--just thick enough to cover up but not feel cakey.

Creaseless Concealer ($16)

stowaway blush

Cream Blush: Replace After 1 Year

Even though it’s oil-based, which means less germs, you should replace it every 12 to 18 months. Opt for Stowaway’s tiny pot to give your cheeks a soft glow.

Cheek and Lip Rouge ($15)

stowaway lipstick

Lipstick: Replace After 1 Year

We know: Your signature shade is you. But after a year, or if you’ve been sick, it’s time to say goodbye to No. 999 and hello to this tiny, pinky-sized version, available in three pretty hues.

Crème Lipstick ($15)

stowaway eye liner

Eyeliner: Replace After 3 Months

Since it’s applied to the extremely sensitive area around your eye, it’s best to replace after three months. We recommend this cute Q-tip-sized twist liner for your defining moments.

Effortless Eyeliner ($10)

stowaway mascara

Mascara: Replace After 3 Months

Beauty experts warn of the consequences of keeping mascara too long, which are not limited to pinkeye, sties and other awful inflictions. Toss the beloved lash liquid every three months.

Defined Lash Mascara ($12)

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