8 Next-Level Manicure Trends You Must Try

Lead with your nails

OK, so you haven’t had time to ramp up your wardrobe, but if you’re dying for a fashion refresh, a quality manicure can be a concentrated burst of trendy. And it definitely costs less than that bag you’ve had your eye on. Here are our recommendations for the best new mani trends. Be warned, these are not for blending in.

Not So Mellow Yellow

Spring is coming early this year. 


Did we mention that oranges are in season?

Hologram, Major

No one can ever say you don’t go all in.

Hologram, Minor

Subtly intense.

Lady Crappo

Marble Slab

Between a rock and a cool place. 

Royal Gold

Wear your crown on your nails.

Matte-ernal Instincts

This matte nail rocks neon, minus the glare.

That's A Negative

Less is so much more.