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Do you really want to age a million years in just a couple of hours? We thought not. So do not--we repeat: do not--step onto a beach without a multi-pronged sun protection strategy. Here, eight items you must pack in your bag for your next beach day.

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A Crushable Straw Hat
If bulk is the only thing that’s keeping you from 360 degrees of sun protection, then a sturdy straw hat with a broad brim that you can also roll up when in transit is your solution. Oh, and it has to be stylish, too.

Lola First Aid Sun Hat ($215)

A Sun Stick
Zinc oxide is a physical sunscreen (which means it gets between you and the killer rays). Make sure it’s the principal ingredient in your facial sunscreen, and then smear that so-irritant-free-you-can-use-on-kids all over your face, chest and the backs of your hands.

Lite + Cycle Sun Stick ($16)

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A Rash Guard
In order to avoid getting too much sun on our shoulders and chest, put on an SPF 50 surf shirt--the new laywoman’s term for what surfers have always called a rash guard--both in and out of the water.

Mollusk surf shirt ($88)

Spray Sunscreen
Ah, we love you, micronized aerosol formulation. A spray sunscreen is super lightweight and easy to use, but be sure to rub it in so you get complete coverage.

Supergoop SPF 50 Mist ($13)

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A Hair Drying Towel
Post-beach day, go directly to outdoor shower. Rinse salty water from hair and wrap up in a frizz-reducing, absorbent turban. By the time you’ve driven home, your hair is dry and lovely.

Aquis hair turban ($30)

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Polarized Sunglasses
You need polarized lenses because they cut down on glare. (Sun - glare = less squinting + fewer wrinkles.) However, you want a polarized pair that?s inexpensive enough to leave in your bag. You know, so you?re not in danger of forgetting your sunglasses yet again.

Knockaround Moonshine Premiums ($20)

Some Hair Sunscreen

Yep, hair can prematurely age, too (crispy texture much?). And if you have color-treated hair, the sun is your mortal enemy. So massage through a bit of lotion with SPF, especially on the ends of your hair where all the damage and fading shows up first.

Sachajuan Hair in the Sun ($25)

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A Lightweight Cover-up

When you?re done catching rays, you?re DONE. So right away throw on something cool and flowy with long sleeves.

Chance Popover Beach Tunic ($118)

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