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Basically everything heavenly about our city--outdoors to enjoy, salty tacos to eat, creative cocktails to knock back--turns out to be hellish on our appearance. Luckily here in Los Angeles, we’re all about appearances, so a host of beauty companies have created solutions to counteract the imperfections that only Angelenos can understand.

From a sheet mask for pulling pollution out of your pores to a gel primer for your pale legs, here are eight made-in-L. A. beauty products for you.

Enlarged Pores

The Problem: Exhaust-heavy air is full of free radicals, which basically age your skin. This means yesterday’s firm cheeks are on their way to looking like the surface of Beverly Boulevard.

The Fix: Put the Pur-lisse sheet mask in the fridge for a couple of hours then pull it out and lie back with it on your face for 15 minutes. Blue Lotus, seaweed and Asian botanicals deliver antioxidants and minerals to your skin while tightening pores, and the cool temperature helps de-puff your face overall.

Ragged Cuticles

The Problem: Zero humidity (remember, this is a desert) is bad on sensitive skin bits like cuticles, making them dry up, crack, chap and tear. Which is a bad look with the latest nail art.

The Fix: If you want to get just one new beauty product, make it Honest Beauty Magic Balm. This clear gel with infused vegetable and fruit oil is the Linus's blanket of beauty fixes. It’s also a great lip moisturizer as well as cheek and brow highlighter.

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Worn-Off Makeup

The Problem: Midway through our 15 hour days, our makeup’s worn off and we have no time to reapply. How can we appear #boss, not #blech?

The Fix: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is a super-sheer base that extends the life of whatever foundation and color cosmetics you put over it. So if your face is a beautiful canvas, this stuff is the gesso, Mona Lisa.

LEGS 618X782

Splotchy Legs

The Problem: Hey, you were too busy with those 15-hour days, and then after-work eating and drinking your way through the new boîtes of the Arts District to notice your legs needed a little toning and tanning. 

The Fix: Basically fake a week of jogging on Malibu sands with a few applications of Perfekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel/Tan. It’s got hyaluronic microspheres--similar to facial skin care tech--to instantly firm your skin, while shea butter and self-tanner even out the tone.

Beauty Hair 618x445

Thin, Flat Hair

The Problem: We’ve spent a lot of time bleaching our hair (blondorexia is a thing, OK?). Or harming our hair with salt and chlorine water (we have to get our exercise). So yeah, our locks are kinda tired.

The Fix: When you need baller hair, who you gonna call? The Kardashian hairdresser, Jen Atkin. Her Ouai Texturizing Spray is a little bit dry shampoo and a little bit ultra-lightweight hair spray. We spray on dirty hair, and after a couple twirls of the iron, it seems like we’ve got twice as many beachy waves as before.

Beauty Brows 618x445

Skimpy Brows

The Problem: Maybe that quickie mall threading session was a little too heavy? Maybe your brows are just aging? Or maybe you forgot to wear sunscreen (yup, it effects brows too)?

The Fix: Feeling sheepish about using hair-growth products right next to your eyes? NeuBrow Brow Enhancing Serum is a non-risky oil that contains keratin, amino acids and almond protein to super-moisturize the area to make it look thicker right away and support further natural growth. Step away from the tweezers.

Beauty Lips 618x4451

Chapped Lips

The Problem: OK, so maybe you forget to wear SPF on your lips and they got a little burned. And chapped. It’s not like they’re in the middle of your face or anything.

The Fix: Cocoa butter and fruit and seed oils in Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner take care of replenishing moisture, while kicky sheer colors (like melon) make you look fashionable during your healing.

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Fried Chicken Chest

The Problem: Even those of us with a scrupulous daily facial SPF regimen forget to protect our chest, which in SoCal is over-exposed to solar radiation by the time we walk from the car to the front door. Stop the process now, before your bosom and a turkey breast could be in a lineup together. 

The Fix: Wear some sunscreen, dammit! And why not make it one that gives you a smile? Just gaze at the derriere on the bottle of Will Ferrell’s Super Mega Sexy Hot Tan, the 30 SPF with proceeds that go to a cancer scholarship fund.

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