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It’s 95 degrees, and the last thing you want to do is spend an hour serum-ing, drying and straightening your hair. It’s hot, exhausting and there’s a 99 percent chance it’ll frizz right up the second you step outside. Instead, opt for one of these easy-to-execute styles that will have you looking cool when the weather is anything but.

frizzy hair braid 1

The Intense Braid

Is Blake’s braid a little dominatrix-y? Maybe. Is it also guaranteed to keep strands off your face and neck? You bet.

frizzy hair braid 2

a tamer plait

Not ready to commit to such a tight look? Try Penelope’s toned-down but still super-chic version.

frizzy hair messy bun

the messy bun

The greatest thing about a messy bun is that a little texture (yes, even frizz) makes it even better.

frizzy hair side pony1

a side pony

Christina Milian proves that as long as you’ve got smooth strands up top, the pony itself can be as crazy as you’d like while still maintaining some sophistication. 

frizzy hair messy pony

a wavy pony

Same goes here, but with the addition of a bobby pin and just a hint of mussed-up texture at the crown.

frizzy hair head scarf

tied back

If you tire of a basic bun, try wrapping up in a light silk scarf. Not only will it tame flyaways, it just looks so darn cool.

frizzy hair topknot

the deconstructed topknot

Sometimes it’s not worth fighting the frizz. For those times, embrace the volume and gather hair at the top of your head for a dramatic topknot.

frizzy hair sleek bun

sleek and side-parted

The heat might be killing you on the inside, but you’ll have everyone fooled while rocking this polished style. To get the look, comb a bit of anti-frizz shine serum (like this one) into your hair and secure in a tight pony. To tackle extra flyaways, a toothbrush spritzed with hairspray does wonders.  


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