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The change in season from summer to fall seems to happen gradually. One day you’re in shorts, and the next day maybe you add a light sweater. But the first day of winter? Oh boy, that one’s a doozy.

In an effort to reduce the inevitable panic that sets in when the temps drop below 40 degrees (Where is my down jacket? Why does my hair look like it's been shocked?), we’ve teamed up with Clinique to bring you a short guide to prepping your routine for winter.

Take a look at our top seven must-dos (as in, must do right now) and get moving before the first frost.

Winter Coats

Find a Proper Winter Coat

This is not a one-style-fits-all situation, people. Especially when you consider the variety of climates found across the U.S. Some folks are knee-deep in the fresh powder of Denver, while others are pretending to be cold when it’s 65 in L.A. (that is not cold, Angelinos). To find the right coat for your region, take a peek at these five chic styles (all under $300).


Customize Your Skin-Care Routine

Just as you change your wardrobe, you should also change your skin-care regimen. Start by sloughing off any of that dreaded dry skin with Clinique’s new Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. The angled green tip targets the T-zone and other hard-to-reach areas, while the white bristles are gentle on your cheeks. Then, finish things off with the Moisture Surge cream-gel. It is lightweight and oil-free, but provides serious hydration for winter's harshest days.

Boot Tray

Create Your Own Mudroom (Of Sorts)

Last March you made a vow that this would be the year you finally stopped tracking your slushy boots through the house. To tame puddles before they start, nab this rubber tray from Pottery Barn so the snow and ice on your boots can melt away without leaving water all over the floor. Then make sure you have plenty of hooks handy for the heavy-duty outerwear (see above).


Keep Drafts at Bay

You probably already know that curtains can really help to minimize drafts from windows and sliding doors. But what about drafts in between rooms? Floor-length drapes hung in doorways, called portieres, are an old tradition well worth reviving. They keep breezes in wide halls or unused rooms from making their way into warm spaces.

Middle Colors

Find a Way to Manage the Heat

When the heat’s turned up, your skin can dry out fast. What to do? Turn to the chic Middle Colors humidifier. This little device sends much-needed moisture into the air, but it looks like a piece of art, so you’ll actually want to leave it on display.

Boston Magazine

Nail Down an At-Home Workout

Cold mornings and dark nights are the death of winter workouts. Instead, create a little area to bring your sweat session indoors and use the streaming service FitFusion. Like Netflix for exercise videos, $10 a month gets you access to more than 100 workouts led by big-name trainers such as Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks and ranging from cardio and yoga to Pilates and Doonya (a Bollywood-inspired dance circuit to fast-paced Indian pop songs). Sounds like a decent compromise.


Master a Few Winter Produce Recipes

Sure, any fool can make a delicious vegetable dish when the farmers' market is overflowing with sugar snap peas. But it takes a clever person to create an appetizing veggie experience during these days of cold temps and snowdrifts. Here are six vegetarian recipes to make tonight (or every night).

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