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Snail-slime serums. Gold-soaked sheet masks. Meteorite face creams. Beauty can be really weird, guys. And while crazy fads and trends come and go (has anyone actually tried a spray-on manicure yet?), we wanted to track down the ones that are really worth the hype.

We set out to test-drive seven cutting-edge products that recently set the beauty world abuzz. From a sulfate-free hair mask by L’Oréal Paris to a Himalayan bean to an actual laser gun, here’s what you should try…and what you should maybe definitely skip.

The Latest Antiaging Device

WHAT IT IS: The nifty little Foreo Luna bristleless brush is the next generation in facial cleansing. Supposedly, the soft silicone pulsating touch-points clean, exfoliate and reduce wrinkles in as little as three days.

WHAT WE THINK: We were skeptical about putting this electronic vibrating thingy on our wind-whipped winter skin. And the first few times, we felt a little sensitive and even a smidgen irritated. That passed and we stuck it out, and in just one week our visage was visibly smoother, brighter and (yes) those superfine wrinkles appeared to have diminished. Needless to say, we’re in love.

A Cleansing Balm for Hair

WHAT IT IS: Everyday shampooing and conditioning is so 2015, you guys. The latest in buzzy hair care is the cleansing balm, a creamy conditioner that turns into a low-lather cleanser without stripping follicles of natural shine or luster. We reached for L?Oréal?s EverPure Cleansing Balm, which promises to clean, condition, detangle and soften on days when you want to freshen your do (but don?t want to overly cleanse).

WHAT WE THINK: Cleansing, conditioning, detangling and softening?check, check, check and check. When left in for five minutes, our long, very, very color-treated locks turned baby soft, and we didn?t need a separate conditioner (great on that super-rushed Tuesday when time was not on our side).

A New Way to Eat Your Beauty

WHAT IT IS: The next big name in superfoods (following in the footprints of acai and matcha), moringa is a plant native to the Himalayas, where its leaves, bark and beans have been used in medicine for centuries. This nutritional powerhouse is chock-full of antioxidants (crucial to fighting wrinkles and repairing scars and sun damage) and can be cooked like green beans or dried into a tea. But we much prefer our moringa hidden in a bar of chocolate (just the way the beauty gods intended).

WHAT WE THINK: For a few weeks, we snacked on a chunk of Aloha’s moringa-spiked dark chocolate (cacao also boasts tons of skin-loving antioxidants). While we didn’t exactly see the clock turn back on our skin, we did notice a little boost in our a.m. energy--and our mood.

A Color-Changing Lip Gloss

WHAT IT IS: A green-hued tube of lip gloss that magically (er, scientifically) reacts to the warmth of your lips and instantly changes to a flushed, rosy stain. Frog Prince claims to adapt to your unique pH levels, so no two pairs of lips look the same (but it promises to flatter every single skin tone under the sun).

WHAT WE THINK: We just had to try it…and make all of our friends try it, too. Right before our very eyes, we saw a subtle purple tint pop on our olive-toned pal, while a baby-pink pout emerged on a fair-faced friend. And best of all, the silky formula glides on like a balm, thanks to shea butter and vitamin E. We’re keeping this one around as our new party trick.

A Multitasking Hair Mask

WHAT IT IS: You know the importance of treating your hair to a mask to help revive weak strands. But one that has the added benefit of protecting our color-treated hair from “color aggressors,” like UV rays and heat? Color us intrigued. We tried L’Oréal's EverPure Repair & Defend Remedy Mask, a sulfate-free treatment that claims to not only penetrate each and every strand with a repairing antioxidant complex but also defend against color fade and dullness.

WHAT WE THINK: We were immediately delighted by how silky smooth our hair was after just one treatment. Further proof: Our friends couldn’t stop talking about our shiny strands at brunch. That was enough to make us add this into our weekly hair-care routine.

A Five-Minute Eye Lift

WHAT IT IS: The next generation in sheet masks, but designed just for the sensitive skin under the eyes for an instant pick-me-up. These concentrated FlashPatch Eye Gels combine cooling hydrogel, puff-reducing caffeine and skin-plumping collagen, designed to waken and brighten your eyes in five minutes flat.

WHAT WE THINK: The morning after a particularly long night of work events, our partied-out peepers were desperate for a revival. We patted on the gels while getting dressed, then gently massaged the remaining serum into our skin (just as we do with our regular eye cream). Our eyes immediately looked less puffy and felt a bit tighter, so we were ready for that 9 a.m. meeting…after coffee, of course.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal

WHAT IT IS: Forget shelling out the big bucks (and the countless trips to your dermatologist’s office) to get a fuzz-free upper lip. Because now you can just do it yourself. Tria’s at-home hair removal laser claims to work just as effectively as professional equipment at permanently removing unwanted hair, for a fraction of the price. Grab this laser gun, slip into your robe and pour yourself a glass of vino: We just planned your Friday night.

WHAT WE THINK: Our immediate fears about lasering hair off our bodies (“Will this hurt? What if we slip and laser off our upper lip?”) were quickly and pleasantly quieted. The pain was noticeable yet minimal (akin to a rubber band snapping against our knee), but we’re not sure we could actually commit to the full regimen, which is doing a session every other week for at least three months. Our take? Leave the lasers to the pros.

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