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We can’t all get a professional whitening whenever our teeth are looking dull. (Sigh…celebrities.) These six quick tricks will keep your teeth looking white and bright, no dentist visit required.


1. Use Bronzer

Dust a light coating of a matte bronzer along your jawline. The darker your skin looks, the whiter your teeth appear in comparison.


2. Store Whiteners in the Fridge

Stash at-home whitening products, like strips or trays, in the fridge. Their active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, doesn’t work as well when it’s warm.


3. Eat Your Veggies

Nosh on a celery stick (or apple slice) after drinking any kind of tooth-tarnishing beverage (common culprits: coffee, tea, and red wine). The crunchy, fibrous texture naturally “scrubs” off any staining residue.


4. Rinse with Vinegar

Rinse with apple cider vinegar to gently and naturally remove stains. One part vinegar to two parts water; swish for a minute.


5. Sip with a Straw

Drink everything from a straw, including coffee and tea, to prevent staining. (You can even find BPA-free coffee straws, which are safe to use in hot beverages.) 


6. Drink white wine over red

Now before you proclaim you only drink pinot noir, remember what red wine does to your teeth. To avoid stains, drink a glass of white--or better yet, champagne--instead.

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