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Do you let the shower run while you shave your legs? Are you partial to baths? If, like us, you’re guilty as charged, check out a few smart tricks for cutting back your use of this precious resource. After all, California is thirsty, and even if you don’t live on the West Coast, there’s no harm in being savvier about your water consumption.

1. Shampoo Less: By now you’ve heard that washing your hair daily actually leads to more oil production. So instead of sudsing up your locks every day, try a dry shampoo and limit deeper cleaning to a few times a week. Check out more dry shampoo tips here.

2. Oil Your Face: The more you wash your face, the more you’re dehydrating your skin. Instead, use an oil-based cleanser that can be removed with a tissue or quick splash of water.

3. Get a Waterless Mani & Pedi: Some nail salons are starting to offer waterless manicures and pedicures, which can save up to a few gallons of water per client. The secret? A keratin-rich treatment that softens and moisturizes without using any H2O.

4. Set Aside Time to Shave: Let’s be honest: It wouldn’t kill you to turn off the water while shaving your legs. Try sitting on the edge of the tub and working in sections, with a short rinse in between each.

5. Multitask: Keep a bucket in your shower to catch water while you’re waiting for the temperature to get warm enough to hop in. Then use that water to nourish your garden. (It works for house plants, too.)

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