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At some point, everyone has fallen prey to a trend that, in hindsight, could be blamed on temporary insanity. For us, trucker hats…dear God. On the flip side, there are trends that--thanks to their versatility--have evolved into classics. Hey, even skinny jeans were once considered avant-garde. Keep reading for five items that have transitioned from of-the-moment to our 2016 can’t-live-without staples.


Merriam-Webster recently admitted the term athleisure--our cultural obsession with wearing stretchy leggings and sporty tops everywhere from the gym to errands to brunch--into the dictionary. If that doesn?t speak volumes, we don?t know what does. This upcoming year, dozens of athleisure collaborations will hit the market, including Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga, alongside new labels like Outdoor VoicesADAYTracksmith and Tory Sport. So how exactly do you pull off this look? Think layers. Sporty jacket + stylish hoodie + patterned leggings = street-style photo op.

Laura Wing-Kamoosi


Remember way back in 2012 when Kim Kardashian posted that Instagram revealing her face pre-contour, looking like something out of Avatar? Alarming. Thankfully, the process of contouring--using bronzer and highlighter to enhance and slim your face--has drastically evolved. It’s now more natural and effortless than before, meaning you can do it every day and not just for special occasions. Take Maybelline New York’s new Master Contour palette: This kit is basically foolproof. Start by applying the contour (bronzer) along your hairline, jawline and under your cheekbones. Next, add blush to the apples of your cheeks. Sweep a littlehighlighter on top of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose and you’re done. The best part? The colors are so subtle that you really can’t screw this up. We know, we tried.

Matcha Lattes

From the pages of trendy food magazines and the shelves of chic Japanese coffee shops to your neighborhood Starbucks, matcha lattes have officially replaced your morning cup of joe. The green tea gives you a caffeine boost that’s effectively much healthier than the one you get from coffee, and--pro tip--a dash of coconut oil adds a little extra sweet flavor.

Foam Rolling1

Foam Rolling

We used to think foam rolling was just for sweaty gym guys winding down after lifting small cars. But it turns out that foam rollers can do a world of good even for those of us who aren’t elite athletes. Whether you’re recovering from a particularly rough boot-camp class or just a long session at your computer, foam rolling has crazy benefits. It helps you relax by activating the receptors that connect your muscle fibers to your tendons, leading to better blood circulation, quicker recovery and faster performance. Oh, and did we mention you can buy one that doubles as a water bottle? So cute.


Smart Home Devices

Canary. Nest. Echo. We spent 2015 telling you about these gadgets ad nauseam. And when we spotted a Nest in our aunt’s kitchen, we knew our job was done. Smart devices have officially transitioned from the periphery to the norm. They are accessible for even the most technologically inept. Whether you go for the smart thermostat that lets you control your home’s temperature from your phone, the security system that alerts you to any irregular activity or the personal robot that keeps your grocery list at the ready, 2016 is the year to start employing these clever devices.

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