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You’re always up on the latest nail color trends. Now do your nails a favor and get these four products and services on your radar.

1. Dip powder manicure This alternative to gel manicures is light-weight, flexible, water-resistant and chip-free. The nail tech paints a clear coat on your nails, dips them into a tinted powder and sets it. The best part? It lasts up to four weeks before you need an update. (Ask around to see which salons near you offer the service.)

2. Chemical free products We’re not just talking nail polish here. We’re talking about keeping all products used during a mani or pedi chemical-free. The nail chain Bellacures offers up the All Natural Manicure ($45) using soy-based polish remover, organic cuticle remover, sea-salt hand scrub and a grape-seed oil massage.

3. Gentle gel polish removal Rather than sitting through an acetone bath to remove that gel manicure, try steaming it off. A little device called the Steam Off ($100) gently mists away gel (or any type of polish, for that matter) using a vitamin-infused acetone solution instead of stripping your nails with a harsh soak.

4. Better nail strengthening The IBX Nail System helps heal dry, brittle nails as well as fix ridges and grooves. The formula is painted on and set under a UV light, just like gel. (Generally, the first application is $10 to $15.) It seeps deep into your nail beds to strengthen them at their core.

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