4 Places You Should (Actually) Be Spraying Your Perfume

That signature scent of yours is oh-so-elegant, but did you know that your wrists aren’t the only place it should be spritzed? We caught up with an expert from the iconic French fragrance brand Le Labo to chat about four other places you should consider.

Your Hair: For a light aroma that stays put, spritz your scent up top. Just be sure you hold the spray at least ten or so inches away (as alcohol can dry out hair). But a light mist works wonders.

Behind the Ears: Yes, the neck is a popular spot for scents. But when you aim for specifically behind the ears, you’ll avoid the risk of tarnishing your necklaces.

Behind the Knees: Any place veins are close to the skin is called a “pulse point,” aka a prime area for perfume to be applied. And since the area behind your knees is a bit of a friction point beneath your clothes, the extra heat will help release the scent throughout the day.

On the Bend of the Arm: It’s yet another pulse point. But to really reap the benefits of spritzing perfume in this spot, try this trick before you put it on.

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