3 Ways to Make Your Lashes Look Like Falsies

There’s a reason why stars wear false lashes for on-camera appearances and red-carpet moments: they make you look seriously glam. But they’re also a pain to apply and feel like giant spiders stuck to your face. Luckily, you can use mascara to mimic the drama of falsies with these three simple steps:

1. Invest in a good lash curler (we’re fans of Kevyn Aucoin’s), but curl after applying mascara. The product lends grip and hold, helping to set the curl in place and maximizing the eye-opening effects.

2. Starting a new tube of mascara? Leave it open for one minute before swiping. This dries out the mascara slightly so that it adheres better to lashes.

3. Use an angled liner brush to paint a bit of mascara onto the tops of your lashes. Coating them from every angle adds mega drama, especially if you choose a blacker-than-black hue.

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