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You got an oh-so-trendy bob this summer--but now you're at a loss for what to do with your hair as the weather cools.

We hear you. So we went and chatted up Derek Sansone, creative director of the new Artists + Architects salon, to get the three hair trends for fall you need to know.

Create Contrast

We're not talking about harsh '90s highlights or anything. Rather, your fall look should be decidedly different from your relaxed, beachy summer look. You should neaten things up: "For all lengths, instead of messy, distressed texture, now we style with more smoothness and elegance," explains Sansone.


Add Length

Good for you for getting that short, flirty bob in June. Now, explains Sansone, your hair should be about medium length, with some face-framing softness. And you should resist the urge to chop it all off again and keep that lob (aka long bob).


Get Subtle-lites

If you're into highlights, transition to colors that are deeper and richer than the lighter ones you'd get in the warmer months. "We call them 'subtle-lites,' which are variations in tone and not as flirty and aggressive as summer highlights," says Sansone.

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