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3 Common Face Washing Mistakes
Drop that washcloth.

You do it daily (hopefully), but are you doing it right? Here, three common face washing mistakes and what to do instead.

You apply cleanser on wet skin. This is OK if you?re using a foaming formula like this one from Bliss ($24), but creamy options like Dove?s gentle version ($16) should go on dry--this allows the oils in the product to better remove the oils in your skin and makeup.

You use a washcloth. Not only are they breeding grounds for bacteria (gross), the abrasive quality is too harsh for your skin. Wash with your fingertips, then pat dry with a clean towel.

You rely on cleansing wipes alone. They?re easy and convenient, but many wipes contain skin-irritating preservatives. Use sparingly and always rinse with water afterwards.

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