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28 Splurge-Worthy Upgrades for Your Life
Investing in a sofa = worth it.

Decisions, decisions: Organic kale-quinoa bowl at that trendy lunch spot, or scavenge for a stale granola bar in the office pantry? Hit up the sale rack for sandals, or drop serious cash on a pair of stunners?

At PureWow, we ask ourselves daily whether we should splurge or scrimp. That’s why we teamed up with L’Oréal to bring you Smart Investments, the ultimate guide to determining what you really need in your busy life (and why).

Take, for instance, your bed. No cost is too great for an amazing mattress, since a better night’s sleep means better overall health.

Same goes for your beauty routine. When it comes to hair color, you need to invest in proper care between salon visits. Enter L’Oréal Paris’s EverPure collection, a sulfate-free color-care system that keeps tresses healthy and vibrant.

So what else is worth the splurge?

From preserving your current investments to upgrading everyday goods, here’s what you should shell out the big bucks for.

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