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10 Products to Ease You into a Better Night’s Sleep

Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone Pillow Mist

A subtle pillow mist scented with notes of lavender and valerian will help soothe your mind and body.

iHome light therapy machine

We never thought about light therapy before. This little gadget comes with four programs and eight soothing sounds to lull you to sleep.

Strivectin Hair Serum

Fight-off static cling while you sleep by raking this hair hydrator into damp strands before hitting the pillow. Then, hit the snooze come morning because, hey, your hair is done.

Ugg Flannel Sheet Set Heather

Mmm, flannel sheets by UGG (so you know they’re good).

Misfit Sleep and Activity Tracker

Stay on top of your sleep patterns with an activity tracker you won’t be embarrassed to wear outside the bedroom.

Bergdorf Goodman Ikat Pajama Set

PJ’s might not seem like a necessity, but changing out of your leggings and sweatshirt is a good reminder that it’s time to unwind and get some shut-eye.

Kiehls Exfoliating Body Scrub

This indulgent (limited-edition) soap uses lavender oils to help you relax as you prep for bed. 

Bat Sleeping Silk Eye Mask

For your own amusement.

Dohm Sound Machine1

This sound machine creates white noise to mask the distracting din of everything from passing traffic to loud family members.

Origins High Potency Skin Refining Oil

Neroli, valerian and vanilla make this luxurious facial serum even more effective from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

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