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From cringeworthy jokes to ugly cry faces, the 2015 Golden Globes were nothing if not GIF-able. Here, some of the night's standout moments. 


When Tina and Amy perfectly summed up our feelings about Amal Clooney



When no one knew how to respond to the Cosby jokes

*Nervous laughter. Look up to ceiling.* 


When Jeremy Renner made the requisite "Golden Globes" joke



When we realized this was Amy and Tina's last year

Wiig-Hader 2016?


When this guy showed up

Just Prince being Prince.


When we seriously considered moving to England

Cumberbatch. Swoon.


When we wondered what was happening with the heat

Why does everyone look like a melting candle?


Until next year, Globes.

Stay gold, Teigen.

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