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Last week, we compared Interstellar and Foxcatcher in hard-hitting categories like cutest costumes and hottest male lead. This week, woman-finding-self flick Wild faces off against man-escaping-self flick Birdman in yet another totally ridiculous competition.

Into the ring!

Best soundtrack: Birdman
In Wild, Reese Witherspoon sings Bruce Springsteen aloud to her herself while crossing a river in Tevas. In Birdman, we get improvisational jazz paired with Michael Keaton in a bathrobe. After much deliberation, we gotta go with jazz--namely, Antonio Sanchez’s truly arresting Birdman score.

Best recovering junkie: Wild
With kudos to Emma Stone’s portrayal of a grumpy, spoiled rehab veteran, we’re voting for Reese, as a former heroin addict/nymphomaniac.

Best come-to-Jesus moment: Wild
Girl pulls off her own toenail.

Best topless scene: Birdman
Michael Keaton running through Times Square in his underpants. Nuff said.

Winner: It’s a draw. See 'em both.

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