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We know: you can watch anything your little heart desires on Netflix. But may we make a recommendation? Carve out some time to check out the streaming service's latest series, Chef’s Table. Each of the six 45-minute mini-documentaries tells the story of a world-renowned chef. (Sorry, no Food Network stars here.) Here's why you should tune in.


The Chefs

You couldn't invent a more fascinating cast of characters. They span from an egomaniac to a passionate advocate of sustainable agriculture to a modest individual thrown into stardom. Shout-out to L.A.-based chef Niki Nakayama, though, who's the only woman featured on the series.


The Food

What's a series about food without some tantalizing food porn?


The Adventure

You'll travel to Blue Hill Farms in Westchester, New York; Parmigiano-Reggiano factories in Modena, Italy; the Argentinian countryside; one of the most isolated regions of Scandinavia; and vibrant Los Angeles--all for the cost of your Netflix subscription.

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