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When it comes to friends, documentary filmmaker Josh (Ben Stiller) and his producer wife, Cornelia (Naomi Watts), kind of can’t win.

As childless, middle-aged New Yorkers in Noah Baumbach’s hilarious and insightful new movie, While We’re Young, they’re either the only Baby Bjorn-less couple in the crowd, or they’re trying to fit in with the fedora-wearing twentysomethings in Bushwick.

For a while, the latter seems pretty liberating. To avoid dealing with some tough midlife questions, they fall under the spell of a young couple--aspiring filmmaker Jamie (Adam Driver) and artisanal-ice-cream maker Darby (Amanda Seyfried), who live in a reclaimed water tower in Harlem (of course).

Baumbach isn’t the first to make fun of hipsters (love you, Portlandia), but he may be the best. We love his nuanced take on how technology has been subverted. While old fogies Josh and Cornelia fill their world with iPads and Hulu, Jamie and Darby hoard typewriters and watch old VHS movies.

As the couple hovers in their forties, they go to some pretty extreme measures to cope with their angst about aging. Their issues are fundamentally universal and relatable, and Baumbach deals with them deftly. Because who hasn't wondered, when things haven’t turned out as expected, whether it’s marriage, family or career: What’s the next move?

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