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Which Podcast Is Right for You?

So you’ve binge-listened to 12 hours of a true-crime drama. Now what? It’s time to branch out to other podcasts--and there are plenty worthy of your time. Here are six to consider.

• Like cooking shows? Cooks Illustrated editor-publisher Christopher Kimball hosts this weekly hour called America’s Test Kitchen Radio. It’s a perfectly seasoned blend of tips (say, how to broil a bell pepper), equipment advice (the best tablet stand for cooking) and chef interviews.

• Like the evening news? Get a global perspective with the BBC World Service’s Newshour. Host Tim Franks’s crisp presenter voice is reassuring whether he’s covering international crises or lighter current affairs.

• Like novels? Your inner book lover will vibrate with pleasure listening to Bookworm as Michael Silverblatt geeks out talking to literary giants like Junot Diaz and Marilynne Robinson every week.

• Like Shark Tank? The producer of This American Life (pretty much the gold standard in thoughtful radio) just debuted StartUp, a program about starting a business, cluelessly, as we listen.

• Like psychology? Invisibilia is another show by TAL alums--this one a potpourri of storytelling and science. The first episode described the inner thoughts of a man who overcame more than a decade of locked-in syndrome.

• Like pop culture? Look no further than Slate’s Culture Gabfest, which features the site’s culture critics debating the highbrow, the lowbrow and everything in between.

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