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The 87th Academy Awards are this Sunday and eight incredible movies are up for Best Picture. Which one will take home the Oscar? Um, we have no idea. What we do know is what your favorite nominee says about you. Take a peek at this list to see what it means if you're rooting for Birdman versus all those rowdy The Theory of Everything fans (hint: science is sexy).



You are a sap. You still print photos. You once owned a hope chest. You cry at laundry-detergent commercials.


"The Imitation Game"

You always root for the underdog. Especially one who looks like this.



You are totally OK with ambiguity. You’re also totally OK with a good poke at irony.



You are totally not OK with ambiguity.


"The Theory of Everything"

You wished Cosmos had more sex scenes.


"The Grand Budapest Hotel"

You love yourself an unlikely duo. You hope Hillary and Jeb run together.



You love your therapist.


"American Sniper"

You're a guy. 

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