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We were saddened that Gisele Bundchen has retired from the runway. The Brazilian bombshell’s charmed life can’t get any sweeter--she made a reported $47 million last year, is married to a football star and has a couple of beautiful children. But we’re thinking that her boundless energy should be put to good use. So we did a probing, intimate personality test (i.e. checked out her Instagram feed) and came up with some career suggestions for her to lean in:

gisele dog trainer

A Dog Trainer

Her love of her late, great Yorkie Vida was epic, and now there’s big family dog Luna.

gisele pilot

An Airline Pilot

After all, who’s logged more miles jet setting around the world?

gisele dwts

A contestant on Dancing with the Stars

The samba. The feathers. The practice with Fallon.

gisele equestrian

A cowgirl

Clearly, she’s a natural.

gisele treehugger

An activist

She’s is all about being a tree hugger.

gisele lifeguard

A lifeguard

She already knows how to wear a swimsuit like nobody’s business.

gisele couch potato

A couch potato

Because really, the hardest-working angel deserves a break.

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