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This was the warmest winter ever

Has this unbearably cold winter caused you to discredit the concept of global warming entirely? Well, you’ve been duped. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the global average temperature from December to February actually made this the warmest winter ever recorded. Sigh.


It's Time to Book that European Dream Vacation

Doesn’t a trip to Italy sound nice right about now? For the first time in years, the U.S. dollar is climbing relative to the euro. In fact, it's the strongest it's been in 12 years thanks to the Fed, which has ended its asset-purchase program and is planning to raise interest rates. So it’s time to buy that Chanel bag you’ve been Paris.


March Madness Has Begun

This year’s NCAA tourney is in full swing. Like always, Obama made his picks public, putting Arizona, Duke, Villanova and Kentucky in the Final Four, with the Wildcats winning the championship. Will you cheer along with the commander in chief? The madness will ensue until the national champ is crowned on April 6.


Burger King is Releasing a Perfume

If you have plans to go to Japan anytime soon, you can get your meat-lovin’ hands on Burger King’s new “Flame-Grilled” perfume and smell exactly like a Whopper. Plus, with each purchase of the fragrance, you get a free burger. Is it an April fools trick, or just an incredibly bizarre product? You be the judge.


"The Jinx" Just Got Really Real

If you haven't tuned into HBO's new series, The Jinxnow is the time to catch up. The show traces New York real estate mogul Robert Durst, who has been suspected of several murders. He has escaped charges for years, but the enigmatic and eerie Durst was finally arrested last week. The series is giving true-crime TV a whole new meaning. 

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