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It's only Monday, but we've got you covered with the latest hot topics. Ready, set, discuss. 


You Can Now Enjoy Rice...For Half the Calories

You read that right. An undergraduate student at Sri Lanka's College of Chemical Sciences discovered a method of cooking rice that can reduce calories by as much as 50 percent. The secret: boil water like normal and just before pouring in the rice, add coconut oil.


HBO Debuted a Chilling Scientology Documentary

Going Clear, an HBO documentary based on Lawrence Wright’s popular, chilling scientology exposé premiered on Sunday. Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney got unprecedented access to former members of the church. And you thought The Jinx was shocking...


Zayn Malik Left One Direction

That sound you heard last week? Tween hearts breaking all across the world when Zayn Malik announced that he was permanently leaving the boy band One Direction. (Remember when Kevin Richardson left the Backstreet Boys after 13 years? Have a little sympathy.)


Russia Proposed a Superhighway from London to NYC

Russian Railways unveiled a proposal to connect London to New York City via superhighway. The road, which would span more than 6,000 miles, would run from London to Moscow before linking Russia’s eastern border with Alaska and ending in NYC. Will the ambitious vision turn into reality?

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Six-Year-Old Supergirls Schooled POTUS

In case you missed it: During the White House Science Fair, these kiddos showed President Obama their page-turning robot--and silmutaneously stole our hearts.

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